This was a hell of a weekend.  Started off Saturday morning with HIAH Get Big Phase 2 Workout A.  That is the Heavy One where you set your weights to only be able to do 2-3 reps in a set.  Finally got that Dip Belt. Amazing – me using a Dip Belt. Way too strange. Added only 10 pounds to my chin-up but 35 pounds to my dip. Just have to keep on pushing.

Then we got on the road. Head out to pick up my SIL and then up to Rochester for a cousin’s son’s Engagement Party. That was a 350 mile drive. Changed into dress clothes at a rest stop. Not so nice – floor was way to ickie. Made it to the party on time.

This is my wife’s family who we see, depending upon the ebb and flow of family events, anywhere from twice a year to once every other year. All have seen my weight loss, so I did not expect comments. What I got was a slap upside the head. “Hey, look’n good – you’ve kept off the weight.” Yep – they have seen me go up and down the scale once too often; so their expectation is that I would be back on the way up. Shook me out of my complacency.

Enjoyed the party. Drank, ate moderately and indulged in a small amount of desert.

Then we drove 75 miles in the rain to the finger lakes and stayed over night at my SIL’s vacation home on Lake Keuka. Collapsed from the driving.

Up the next morning, and had a leisurely breakfast – Plan A. Three large cups of coffee to get my body moving – mistake. Got back on the road – but stopped at every rest stop there was for the first 3 hours. Coffee + 2 grams of vitamin A = a bladder that refused to cooperate. 285 miles later arrived home, just in time to change and meet my son and his family for his birthday dinner. That was another 12 mile drive each way. Good food – stayed pretty clean. Got home and collapsed. 700+ miles in 36 hours is no fun.

This morning was HIAH Get Big Phase 2 Workout B – the Unilateral One. This is my toughest workout. Even though it is moderate weight it gives me the greatest difficulty. Ah Well.

Sign up for the next 52DC starts tomorrow. TommyLandNYC has enlisted the assistance of the Mods to hype it across all the Forums – nicely done.