Started Plan B again.  Trying to match what I am doing at the gym with the nutrient (carb) timing set out in the TNT program.  I am not trying to really lose weight, but a pound or two would be nice.  I am trying to lift heavier and push my weights up to the next level.

This morning was HIAH Get Big Phase 2 Workout A – the Heavy one.  With my new dip belt, I added 10 pounds to the chin-up and 35 pounds to my dips.  Did the Hack Squat at 100 pounds and will add 10 more for next week.  The Standking Single Leg Raise – switched to seated and used one of the machines.  Needed to do something that would push the weight up and not be limited by the way in which the Standing Single Leg Raise was limited.  This should work.

So – what was strange.  Two separate guys asked me about my weight loss.  Both of these guys have seen me for years.  No real weight loss during this time.  Just trying to maintain and build a little muscle.  Why today?  Did I look different?  My waist is the same, I know that from my pants – damn loose skin.  No explanation.

Did the added carbs do anything for my workout – no idea.

Strange Morning.