Today is Columbus Day –  one of those half-holidays.  Most governmental offices and schools are closed.  The post office has no delivery.  But — Not all banks are closed and ALL stores are open and having sales.  My office is open.  Some of the staff is not here.  One is home with her children; another is at the dentist with a serious problem.  I have a full day scheduled – all those people who could not get in to see me because they work – and today they don’t.

Hit the gym a couple of minutes early.  Just woke up 10 minutes early and could not continue to stay in bed – so up and moving.  Doing the Plan B thing.  Had a fat-free yogurt with my normal coffee and protein drink.   Brought along a pre made fat-free chocolate milk and protein drink.  Got home and had 2 ounces of smoked salmon with a large tablespoon of whipped cream cheese and a couple of slices of tomato.

My work out this morning was HIAH Get Big Phase 2 – the Unilateral One.  I hate this workout.  It presupposes that I can balance – which I can’t.  The toughest – the single leg dumbbell deadlift.  Watch me fall over – have a good laugh.  I will make this happen.  Raised my weights on almost all of the exercises. 

Do the extra Crabs help.  They either do or there is a placebo effect.  😉

The 52DC starts in two days.  There appear to be fewer individuals signing up and fewer willing to become Daily Hosts.  I looked at my calendar and do not see how I can make the goals I set.  We are going to be away and/or traveling too many days.  I am going to have to re-evaluate my goals.