Another 52DC starts tomorrow.  It is called the Classic – because it is the anniversary of the first one.  Long time ago.

I reduced my goals to 18 RTs and 18 CTs – just too many things going on.  I do not want to overwhelm myself.  I even pulled out of the PG1 40-4-40.  If I am able to make it through the California trip with my eye on higher numbers, I will revise my goals upward.

I am focusing more firmly on heavier weights and making sure that my chin-ups are as close to perfect form full hang.  At 80% hang, I have no problem doing multiple reps – but true full hang – no tension remaining in the arms – just slack – and then go to tense and pull up – on a good day – 3 to 4.  Virtually no one at the gym – well – except this one guy – do full hangs. 

Tomorrow, I will be my first RT of the Challenge.  When I post it will be under a new Category for the Classic.  This is my last post of the interlude.