No idea why I signed up.  This is early in the Challenge – getting the response out – is a huge job.  Friday is my normal day off from exercise.  It is my BNI breakfast morning.  A plate of scrambled eggs and bacon awaits me – along with as many cups of coffee necessary to keep my eyes open.

I scheduled an open day at the office.  Needed time to clear the desk since I will not be able to put in any time over the weekend.  Heading down to DC – big party – lots of dancing – lots of food – lots of alcohol.  Hit the gym early in the morning and get in an intense RT – HIAH Get Big Phase 2 Workout A – The Heavy One.  Head home  – no shower or shave.  Eat and hit the road by 9:30.  6 hours later – check in at the hotel – shower – shave – dress – and be at the event at 5:30pm.  Should be over by midnight.

I hope the hotel has an exercise room.  I will take my gym stuff – just in case it does and just in case I wake up ready, willing and able to put in a 40 minute CT before we head to our hosts home for the mandatory “breakfast for out-of-town guests.”  I have not seen this couple in probably 10 years, such is life.  My wife wants to go – she is the one that keeps us hooked up with family.  I could become a Hermit.

With all this food and drink – I am thrilled that I am doing TNT.  I should be able to weather this storm and keep the excess to Re-Load limits.

One of the early morning regulars has been missing for a couple of months.  We assumed he joined another gym.  Nope – he is coaching his kids football team.  Nice.   We were both actively working out – the limited time we had.  I asked what happened – he explained – and strangely – made the body motions to acknowledge that he saw an increase in my muscles – my build.  I laughed.

He is not the first.  I look in the mirror – I see nothing.  No – I do not keep measurements – that’s just not my style.  I know I am lifting heavier.  I know my weight is relatively steady.  That means that there has to be some increase in muscle growth – doesn’t it?

There is a down side to this.  The loose skin that pools around my mid section becomes that much larger and looser – and that much more obvious.  Need to start saving my pennies for a Tummy Tuck.  😦