Years ago, I went on a camping trip with my brother-in-law.   He is a solid 6 inches shorter than me and had a body fat percentage in the single digits.  I really can’t remember if I was heavy or not at that time.  But – as always – I was watching what I ate.  He brought along a large number of power bars along with tubes of peanut butter mixed with honey.  I read the label on one of the bars and realized that they where more candy than anything else.  I had one on the whole 5 day trip.

We ate the same things in almost the same quantity.  He finished anything I did not eat and he ate his power bars and peanut butter tubes.  We did the same amount of work – if anything – I did more.  Five days later, he had lost 5 pounds and I had gained 5 pounds.  Life is not fair.

Over the years, I have spent a good amount of time reading the labels on this various power bars and once I started this exercise program, I expanded my reading to the “protein” bars.  They are a lot easier to use and a bit tastier than mixing up whey protein.  Bluntly – none – are Plan A acceptable.  All – including the Atkins Bars – are candy.  Atkins is candy for a Low Carber.

Why are they not right.  All have either too much carbs or too much fat.  I am unable to locate an Atkins bar that is high enough in Protein and low enough in Fat to make it Plan A pre/post workout acceptable.  Also – the carb levels are not high enough to make them Plan B acceptable.  The Fat undermines the effectiveness of the pre/post workout Protein.

It is not that I don’t like the Atkins Bars – damn it – some of them taste real good.  My problem – they are candy.  When I want a low carb candy bar – I enjoy one.  Most of the others that are higher in Protein – taste like – well – not going to say – they just taste awful.  Yep – I’ve tried a number of them.

I will stick with my whey protein and carry around the little shaker filled with a scoop of protein powder.  Just add cold water and shake.  Could not be easier.