I’ve been Low Carbing since March 12, 2007.   That is 1,320 days or 189 weeks or 43 months or 3.5 years.  That is one shit load of time.   Originally I was on a basic Carb Counting program but switched to the more structured TNT diet once MH started to hype the book’s publication in their November 2007 magazine. 
It has been just about 3 years that I have been eating Plan A foods and periodically phasing in Plan B shakes or one of the other Plans for short spurts.  One would think that since I have been doing this for a long time that it would be second nature.  Reality is different.
Maintaining my weight at the 180 pound mark has been a continuing struggle.   I am an active poster on the MH 52DC and TNT Forums – all to help me keep a focus.  I am at the Gym 6 days a week for no less than 40 minutes each workout.  Even with all of this, my problem is “Slippage.”
Slippage is my way of describing slight variances from Plan A that individually do not seem like a problem but which together cause a weight gain.  Examples abound:
  • Having winter squash.
  • Ordering the “low carb” wrap at the local diner because it is on their specials menu.
  • Having the sugar-free ice cream dessert that comes with the specials at another diner.
  • Increased portion sizes.
  • Low Carb candy – which is everywhere, including Atkins bars.
  • Having more than two alcoholic drinks per day or for that matter having them way too often – even if limited to two drinks.
  • Not taking the time to brown bag it and eating out too often.

Note that I am not talking about falling off the wagon, having a piece of cake or a slice of pizza – those are obvious.

My wife, who has an even greater problem losing and maintaining weight than I do, is back on a more rigid diet.  She wants to lose weight because of a big wedding in a couple of weeks.  End result – we are eating better and I am doing better.  That is the reason for this post. 

We all face this problem.  I believe it is the underlying reason that  the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. 

And – of course – this brings to mind the classic Paul Simon lyrics:
Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away.