On today’s Men’s Health TNT Forum, VictoR posted the following question under the Topic, How often carbs on Plan B

I have been trying on Plan B to not have any RT’s with carbs two days in a row…I’ve been doing at least one RT a week with no carbs.  Any problem going 2-3 days in a row doing RT’s with carbs so I can get an extra RT in a week all with carbs (pre and post)?  I know it might slow down my fat loss a little, but I like the way my lifts have been with the few carbs before and after.  I’m limiting those carbs to 50-75g total (pre and post total).

TommyLandNYC who has taken up running responded.   You can read his full remarks and VictoR’s responses by clicking on the link to that topic.   I finally popped in with the following lengthy response:

The book is written for a specific market. It is aimed at the young single male who wants to lose fat and gain muscle and PARTY on the weekends. It is also aimed at those who do not really know their way around a gym and who believe that endless hours of jogging – on the treadmill or on the road – is the best – if not only exercise there is to do. If you notice – it is also aimed at the guys who do not know their way around the kitchen.

This is not wrong nor is it bad – it just is.

The basic concepts are there as to how to integrate carbs to support exercise in a manner that will still give you the health benefits of low carb eating. It is not just about weight loss – although – that may be the hook that brings us all to the same table, albeit a pasta free table.

The authors are very clear – both by references scattered in the book and by their other writings – that once you get down to where you want to be – or at least damn close – then you can start tailoring those concepts to your own life. There is no “one size fits all” eating plan.

Most of our discussions on this forum are aimed at those who are at the beginning stages of both the diet and exercise.

With that preamble:

I found that within the context of my workouts, that having Plan B carbs 5-6 days a week was just over doing it and I saw a weight gain. Maybe, I am carb sensitive. Maybe I do not exercise hard enough although my RTs run 50-75 minutes, and I alternate that with 20 minutes of HIIT & 20 minutes of body weight exercises. Remember, I have got 20 – 30 years on most of the guys on this forum.

Test the waters. Experiment. You know the concepts. Apply them to your personal needs.

Victor: – if having the Plan B carbs 4-5 times a week works for you – go for it. There is no question – that you are a guy who will put in the effort to burn the carbs and you are a guy who has the discipline to eat low carb the rest of the time. Balance the additional carbs to your workout. I max mine out at 50-60 per workout. You may need to go as high as 80 grams on days you both work out and run.

TommyLandNYC: You have already started to do that manipulating in reaction to your new running goal. Great. How many guys on this forum put in the time you put in exercising? Very few. You are already at your general goal weight – depending upon the day you look in the mirror.

It “ain’t” just about fat – but hey – love the stuff.


We get ourselves wrapped up with the nitty-gritty of the program from the POV of a beginner.  We are afraid to discuss varying the program for the more experienced guys.  Tailoring the program to your specific needs is not wrong and is part of making the program work for each of us.  The Key – understanding the underlying concepts and using them appropriately.

An example is simple.  I am on Plan B.  What do I do if I am faced with a Higher Carb meal the night before my next workout?   If I believe that I had a significant enough amount of carbs, I will not have carbs with my protein shake.  I will use up the carbs I stored away the night before.  My goal – always keeping my glycogen stores in a depleted mode.  Works for me.  But how much is a significant amount?  No idea – we learn by experience – nothing more.