This morning was HIAH: Get Big Phase 3 – Workout A.  This is supposed to be a Super Heavy workout.  2-3 Rep Max Sets, 15 total reps per exercise.  It is now my new “Least Favorite” workout. 

This was the first time I did Power Cleans.  Not an exercise that made me look good – especially when I was having trouble just using the bar.  And since the final position of the exercise is akin to the Front Squat – well – see below.  Need to get the form down.  

The Dumbbell Incline Bench Press:  I can do 45s with too many reps – but – when I shifted to 50s, I could only get one set in.  The next set – I could not get them up.  Sad.

Front Squats: I just hate them.  My arms do not allow me to hold them correctly – so I have to cross my arms in an alternate position to hold the bar in place.

Standing Single Leg Calf Raise.  I can not hold enough weight to reduce my ability to do the exercise to only 3 reps.  I switched to the seated calf raise machine and put 3 45’s on it.  Did not do them as singles.

Finished the workout.  Next one has the devil’s own favorite – Bulgarian Split Squats.

If you don’t like the exercise — then you just have to keep doing it — until you can. 

Did not matter that I had a Plan B carb with my protein shake – or maybe – I would not even have been able to do as poorly as I did.  Ah well.