This morning was HIAH: Get Big Phase 3 Workout B – the Unilateral One.  It is a Medium Load workout, 10-12 Rep Max per set totalling 40 Reps.  As with the first of any new HIAH workout, you spend a bit of time identifying the correct weight to use.

  1. Cable Standing One Arm Mid-Pulley Row Palm Up (pg 214):  This was not bad.  Took me a bit of time to hit the right weight.
  2. Cable Standing One Arm Chest Press (pg 230):  Getting the form right is a trick.  Not sure I did this all that well.
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat (pg 248):  Hate – Hate – Hate – but got it done – more akin to quarter squats than full.
  4. Cable One-Arm Triceps Push down (pg 287):  Interesting.  Found the right weight and got it done.

Last evening was Halloween.  We stayed home in order to be there for the kiddies.  We actually had more come this year than in prior years – or at least since our original neighborhood children aged out – years ago.  Last group was about 8:30.  Turned off the lights at 9:00.  Did not eat anything bad.

The night before was the costume party at our friends’ home.  There was plenty of food to eat – maybe a bit too much.  I ended up having a half-inch sliver of Bundt cake.  The cookies were not worth taking.  Did not touch the pile of candy.   All in all – not a bad go round.

What made it even better, the ability to network with some of the individuals there.  When you live and work in the same town, there is always an opportunity to make connections.  This one was a good one.

Bad night’s sleep.  Got woken up with an emergency plumbing problem at my son’s house.  He could not shut the water off to the toilet and was containing a potential flood.  Jumped out of bed and dressed quickly.  Just before I finished buckling my belt, the phone rang.  He managed to unstick and shut the water intake valve.  Not easy to “flush” all that adrenaline out of your blood stream and get back to sleep.  Joy.

This morning was cold – 35 degrees.  So glad I had cleaned out the garage and pulled the cars in last night.  Only draw back – opening the garage door, wakes the wife – Sorry Dear.