Today was a Cardio day.   Up and out early – 29 degrees.  Not happy. 

The gym had gotten some new equipment.  I tried the new recumbent bike instead of the treadmill.  This is not a machine that I can use.  It lulls me into somnambulance.   At least on the Treadmill, when you set a speed, you either do it or get thrown across the room.  On the bike, you make the speed and can only set the resistance.  Not the thing for a lazy person.  Did 20 minutes – over and out. 

Also did 20 minutes of Body Weight exercises.  After all, I’ve got to hit that 40 minute mark or this workout does not count for the 40-4-40.  

There had been a discussion on the HIAH forum about Face Pulls.  I went back to the BBOE and read up on these types of exercises and their value.  I added a couple of shoulder exercises this morning.  All are aimed at the surrounding muscles which support the shoulder and the functioning of the rotator cuff.  Considering the bit of annoyance that sits in my left rotator cuff – this can’t hurt.  I will be adding a couple of others and trying to provide some actual structure to this particular workout.

I then headed off to the polls to vote.  Last time I voted was in September for the Primary.  I had also come from the gym, but it was a warm day.   The comment I got then upon arriving in my gym shorts, “Are you taking the day off?”  Today, I just got some really strange looks.  You could hear their thoughts, “This guy is just crazy.  How can he wear shorts in this weather?”

The new voting machines are interesting.  You fill in a circle next to the person you want to vote for.  This is like being back in school and taking those damn tests, except you are not using a #2 pencil.  You then bring the paper over to an assistant who helps you slide it through a scanner which reads and records the results.  The paper ballot is saved in the bowels of the machine.

Bluntly, the print on the paper ballots is smaller than the print size used on the lever machines.  Tough to read.  The filling in of the little tiny circle is annoying.  This system is actually less friendly than the old machines – at least for the aged and those with disabilities.  Only time will tell.