This morning was an RT morning.  It was also HIAH Get Big Phase 3 Workout C.

Workout C: Heavy Load, 4-6 Rep Max per set, 25 Total Reps

  • Neutral-Grip Pullup (pg 209):  My only problem here was the Neutral Grip hand holds.  They have a rubber covering which kept turning in my hands.  End result – I switched to straight Chin-ups.  I did not add weight, but did full hangs with a pause at the low hang point.
  • Dips (pg 223):  Here I added 25  pounds to the dip belt.  Will probably increase this next week.
  • Overhead Squat: (pg 244)  This is insane.  I did it just with a bare bar – a 45 pound bar.  The form is crazy.  This just is not easy.  It is as ridiculous as the Power Cleans.
  • EZ-Bar Reverse Curl: (pg 284)  This was not tough – just needed to find the right weight.

Headed home for a quick shower and then out for a breakfast meeting.  Put on a suit that I had purchased two years ago and had not worn since last winter.  Still fits – can you believe that – I can’t.  I can’t remember any other time in my life where clothes fit over a two-year period.  Just Amazing.

The meeting was with my Insurance Agent to review my Life Insurance.  First question:  What are my Cholesterol numbers?  It seems that those, along with your blood pressure are key to how much you are going to pay.  Just one more benefit to the TNT Diet and Exercise program:  Life insuance rates are less expensive.

Post Script:  I am doing Plan B.  Usually, I have my normal pre-workout whey shake with a non-fat fruit yogurt and my post workout whey shake mixed with 8oz of non-fat chocolate milk.  Had a problem last night – no chocolate milk.  Started searching the entire kitchen for a replacement.  I really did not want to leave the house again.  We do not keep much by the way of carbs in the house.  I decided to mix the whey with another yogurt and thin it out with a bit of water.  Headed for the garage fridge where I keep the yogurt – out of sight – out of mind.  There it was – a container of HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup.  Probably hidden away after a summer party.  Two tablespoons (24 grams of carbs) into the whey shake with water and I was set for my post work out shake.  Not bad – not good – just did the trick.  I really have to remember to pick up a container of chocolate milk.