Yesterday, I received a PM (Private Message) from one of the guys on the TNT Forum.  He has been struggling with the last 10 pounds. 

Do you count pre and post shakes in your daily protein count?

My response was straight forward:

Yes.  End result –
150+/- grams protein / day.
(25) shake one
(25) shake two
100 balance for the day /3 meals = 33 grams per meal – but – since breakfast follows the morning shakes – I have less protein for breakfast and closer to 40 per meal for lunch and dinner.

Cardio days – only have one shake.

That is the reason I do not use them for snacks.

 He was a little taken back by my response.

Oh No. I am about done for the day then.   A double this AM so 2 shakes 20 gm each 3 egg omelette with cheese and veggies.  Just had 1/2 – 3/4 lb of sashimi. (lots of tuna, yum).  1 cheese stick.  Veggies the rest of the day?


The following was my response.

Veggies the rest of the Day until you open the fridge and see some left over Carbs and you eat them. No – have a regular dinner –


I have been dealing with this portion size issue for a long time. This is actually the toughest part of the program.

I limit myself to 2 eggs plus something – such as an ounce of cheese – or some meat – this morning was corned beef fried up – or two strips of Bacon.

Lunch – A Costco 7 ounce can of Tuna or Salmon mixed with Mayo – OR – a burger with bacon and cheese – but a 4oz burger or a 6oz without bacon and cheese.

Dinner – 6 ounces of meat – not a lot – actually small – very small. The only restaurant around that gives you this small serving is Outback Steak House.

Plus some cheese and nuts or peanut butter during the day.

Portion control is the name of the game. When a person has a lot to lose – no problem – eat, but once you are down to within 10 pounds – it becomes critical.

Learning what is a “normal” portion – Damn – not a hell of a lot of food. When you subtract the protein shakes – OMG – what the effe am I going to eat?

BTW – rule of thumb – 1 ounce of meat or cheese or one small egg = 7 grams of protein.

PC stands not for Politically Correct or even Personal Computer – It stands for TNT Portion Control.  Those of us who are FOPs – formerly overweight persons – continue to struggle with this one.  Most of us got to be overweight – not because we only ate Crap but because we ate a lot of everything – including crap.

Lessons learned the hard way.