My wife jokes that she has to give me a week’s notice that we are having fish for dinner.  Not entirely true, but close.  I am not a big fan of fish, unless it has a shell around it.  I make sure I get enough omega-3 by taking Fish Oil capsules every day.  So what happened today?

I do like smoked salmon, also called Lox – Nova that is – meaning not salted.  We purchase it at Costco because it is substantially cheaper than at a Deli.  We check to make sure that there are no added carbs – as some brands do.  Only problem is that my wife does not care for it, so I have the whole thing to myself.  Well – that does not make me all too happy since that is a lot of smoked salmon.  I have 2-3 oz with tomato, onion and cream cheese.  No bagel – you learn to not miss the bagel.

This morning was my Cardio day.  Got to the gym a couple of minutes early and finished the treadmill and the shoulder workout in 42 minutes.  Headed home. 

As I pulled up the street, I noted that there were no lights on in the bedroom.  When I got into the house, I made my breakfast and set it out.  I set up my wife’s breakfast – a couple of fried eggs.  Then I opened two cans of Salmon and made Salmon salad for lunch.  That is Salmon, mayo, sugar-free relish, lemon juice, dried onion flakes and Dill.  Mixed it up, put it in a container and headed up stairs.

My wife left the house a couple of minutes ahead of me.  As I left, I spotted the salmon on the counter de-frosting.  OMG.

As it turns out, my wife had a luncheon engagement and enjoyed a meal at a restaurant – probably broiled chicken on a Salad.  I ate my salmon salad at my desk. 

We just finished dinner – broiled Salmon, fresh made coleslaw and a fresh eggplant cut up and fried in olive oil with a chopped onion.  Delicious. 

So how come – the guy that does not like fish had it for 3 meals and the wife who loves fish, only ate it for one meal?

And – it is not even Tuna Tuesday – when the 52DC Forum encourages you to eat fish.