The morning after the wedding, my daughter had us up EARLY.  We had to get to the gate just as it opens.  Otherwise the crowds would be too much for my 3 yo grandson a/k/a the Prince.  She got this information from someone who was there over the weekend.  We however, were going to be there on Monday, during the off-season. 

There was a bus that only went to Disney and stopped in front of our Hotel.  Great – no driving – no parking – little – if any – hassle.   We got to the gate 1/2 hour early.  Sigh.

This was my first trip to Disneyland.  We have been to the one in Orlando multiple times.  The core is similar – but – Disney World has it all over Anaheim.  That was intentional.  Uncle Walt got PO’d at what grew up around his little park, so he bought up everything in the Orlando area to preserve his “ego.”

Years ago, we got stuck inside “It’s a Small World.”  Torture – f’n torture.  The boat did not move, but the puppets kept singing and singing and singing.  We were there forever – probably in excess of 30 minutes before they set us free.  This time it did not happen.  The ride was similar, but dressed for Christmas.  How many times can you hear Jingle Bells?  The Prince wanted to go again.  My son-in-law and I stayed behind.  We let the ladies take the Prince – he loved it.  Wanted a 3rd time – nope.

We were using the train which rides around the perimeter of the park and gives you an opportunity to hop between areas.  We got on after the Small World and another ride.  The train did not move.  Finally they announced that the Train crossed over the “Small World” ride and that there was a problem with that ride so we could not move.  We burst out laughing – in relief – that we were not inside the Small World.

We spent 7 hours walking around that place.  It was fun – still – 7 hours is a lot.  We left when the Prince had a melt down.  He held it longer than I did.  Of course, I could not show it.  We went back the next afternoon for more, only this time we stayed for the parade.

I realized a couple of things during that day and the next as well.

  • I could carry around the knapsack all day without a problem.
  • I could walk around for 7 hours – and not collapse – at least until I got to the Hotel.
  • I could bend down and tie my shoe without lifting my foot.  Just bend at the waist – reach down – and tie – the shoe that was firmly on the ground.  Have not been able to do that in 40 years or more.
  • I could pass up the hundred’s of candy stores and booths.  Went looking for a bag of naked nuts – found it.  As I was checking out, the smiling cashier tried to sell me candy.
  • I could sit on the cold concrete and watch the Parade go by.  Even more than that, I could get off the ground without help.

These are little pleasures, but they did not exist a couple of years ago.

One Observation:  It is truly remarkable how many people we saw that are not merely overweight but are obese and even morbidly obese. 

We went to Ruth Christ’s Steak House with my son-in-law.  My daughter and the Prince stayed behind.  The smallest steak I could order was 8oz, served with extra melted butter.  Delicious.  Side Salad – asparagus – Creamed Spinach – Cabernet – what could be bad?  Well the Salt.  Why do restaurants have to inundate their food with Salt?

Went to the Hotel’s exercise closet 3 times.  Did two CTs and one RT. 

We bought cold cuts and low carb wraps for the flight home.  Yes, I know: The wraps are not Plan A OK.  We make exceptions for an airplane flight – especially one that is 6 hours long.  Had a late lunch at Airport Burger King – naked burgers, and then the wraps 4+ hours later.

Got home at 1:15am – ouch – except it was only 10:15pm biological clock time.  Still – collapsed at 2:00am – slept late and got to the office at 11:00am.  We had a mere day and a half to catch up since we would be driving to Albany on Saturday for a BIG family event.

Got in a workout on Friday after work.  Rarely do that – but – no question that I had to do it.  The 52DC was waiting for me to post.