Counting today, there are 5 days left to the end of the 5th – 52 Day Challenge of 2010.  The last day is Friday, December 3rd.  Another Challenge is concluding.  The present Hosts are chatting amongst themselves about continuing and/or bringing in a Newbie.

I had reduced my initial goals because of the various family events and times away that clouded my calendar.  Then I focused on trying to get as much out-of-the-way as early as possible.  End result:  I increased my goals back to what I would have set and am now exceeding them.  Amazing what happens when you focus on getting things done early.  Wish I could apply that resolve to all areas of my life.

One Goal that I did not change was my Clean Eating goal.  I left that at 96 (half days) out of a possible 104.  No problems there,  I was even able to contain myself at Disney and the Wedding.  Last night we had steak for dinner.  This morning we recycled the left over steak and had steak and eggs for breakfast – nice – real nice.  Another Challenger – not on the TNT diet – would call that a cheat – what a shame.

I did an RT this morning and will do my last one of the Challenge on Wednesday.  Tuesday and Thursday are Cardio days.  Friday is my normal day off.  Wednesday’s workout will also be the final workout of HIAH Get Big Phase 3.  I will do a week of unloading workouts post Challenge.  Then – where do I go?

I can not do the two-a-day workouts of Get Even Bigger.  Just not part of my schedule or my life.  This may be the only time I wish I had a home gym.  I will probably move on to Get Strong.  Love the names of these workouts.  😉  I might also look to fill in with some workouts from the BBOE.  Decisions – Decisions.