Today is the final day of the Classic 2010 52 Day Challenge.  Except for eating clean for the day, I have completed the Challenge with flying colors. 

I set my goals low at the beginning since there was that 9 day period that I would be away and a number of other “bumps” in the road.  Focused hard early in the Challenge and the bumps did not mess me up as much as I thought.  I was able to get a couple of doubles in to make up some time.  End result:

My numbers for Friday, December 3, 2010, Day 52:  (Assuming Clean Eats for today.)

  • CE: 104/104/96
  • RT: 23/20
  • CT: 22/20
  • PG1 (40-4-40): 45/40

I am also happy with this morning’s weight.  Weighed in at 179.5.  My target weight for maintenance is 180.  I attempt to adhere to the 3 pound rule.   If my weight goes up by 3 pounds, then I go back to strict Plan A or B eating to get it back in line.  With the vacation and multiple family events, I actually hit 185.  A lot of that was salt from all the restaurant meals and extra glycogen, both of which really hold on to water. 

One way or another, we have been staying out of restaurants and really trying to eat more at home and brown bagging lunch.  This has been a bit more difficult than usual with my Mom in the hospital for the last 10 days – but we are managing and trying not to use that as an excuse to overeat.

The next Challenge starts on January 4, 2011.  I will be there – at the starting line.  During the interim, I will experiment with HIAH Get Strong.