Well it’s started.  The first box of chocolates is sitting by the coffee machine – calling my name.  I hear the Sirens sing their chorus.  Each one more delectable than the next. 

Yesterday was a holiday brunch at my nephew’s home.  Two babies, one toddler, one 3 yo and one 5 yo.  All fine and dandy.

I had planned for this.  TNT allows you to build into the program a meal, day or weekend of eating Carbs.  It is called a re-feed.  You have kept your body in a glycogen depleted state.  This allows you to re-fill the glycogen stores.  I had been to the gym the prior morning and have eaten properly for the prior week.  No question that my glycogen stores where low.

There was a sufficient amount of relatively clean proteins and cheeses.  I stayed away from the bagels.  I did allow myself some of the other foods which I would not otherwise have eaten – but – not anywhere close to the volume I would have eaten just a few years ago.

I balanced this indulgence off by hitting the gym early this morning for a weight workout.  I did not have any carbs with my protein shake.  I did not have a post workout protein shake since this was a “light” workout – HIAH Get Big Phase 3A Unload.

Still – those blasted chocolates sing to me.  If I were home, they would be in the garbage and out by the curb.  😦

It would be easier if we were still in the midst of a 52DC.  I will stay the course – hopefully.