I completed the HIAH Get Big Phase 3A Unloading workout this morning.   I would like to move onto Get Even Bigger – But – Not going to happen.

The program requires you to do two-a-day workouts – one in the morning and the other in the evening – at least 6 hours apart.

As much as I would like to do this program, my life does not lend itself to doing two-a-days.  It would be great if I had a 9 –  5, but I don’t.  I exercise real early in the morning to give me the remainder of the day and evening for work – work and more work. 

It would be great if I had a home gym, but I don’t.  My basement is filled to the brim with storage and the ceiling is not that high.  My garage is filled with cars, especially now in the winter in the north-east.  All the other rooms in my home have occupants or alternate uses.  Aside from all of this, I have no equipment.

I tried – once upon a time – to create a workout area in my home.  It did not work out.  Eventually, the equipment rusted and mildewed.  I gave away what I could and threw away the rest. 

I will not Get Even Bigger – instead – I will Get Stronger. 

In the Working Out pages of this Blog, I published the Chart for Get Stronger Phase 1.  I will start it tomorrow, after all, the 52DC is in hiatus.  I do not HAVE to do cardio tomorrow.  Phase 1 here I come.

Edit 12/9/10: 

Did Phase 1 Workout A this morning.  Chin-ups, Decline Bench Press and Dead Lifts.  Not bad.  Decent workout.  I need to focus on pushing my weights higher.  Also – I find that as I am doing a chin-up I am also doing a hanging leg raise.  No problem. 

Backed up the workout with Plan B pre/post protein + carbs.  Then a fat burning breakfast of two eggs scrambled with some swiss cheese. – Nice.  Salmon Salad for Lunch and a Business Association dinner this evening.  Have to watch myself tonight – too easy to stray.