Did HIAH Get Strong Phase 1 Workout B – the Unilateral One.  The Single Leg Squat is just ridiculous. 

The Men’s Health BBOE proved its value once again.  On pages 196-197, there are variations that will take a newbie from zero to hopefully a full squat.  Unfortunately, the HIAH book just gives you the basic exercise.  For this guy – that is just not enough.  I did Variation 2 – but had the platform next to a rail so that I could catch myself while falling.

Doing this exercise reminds me of some components of the Kazatski, a Ukrainian or Russian Dance also known as the dance of the Cossacks.  If this You Tube works – check it at about 1:12 for the particular dance movement.

The last time I did that dance movement was at a wedding – years and years ago – when I was well lubricated with adult beverages and counter balanced by another guy who was equally plastered.  If I can master this exercise – I may well re-capture my ill spent youth.