This morning was HIAH Get Strong Phase 1, Workout C.  Jump Shrugs, Dumbbell Standing Presses and Squats.

In warming up to do the squats, I set up the bar without weights and go through a series of body weight squats and eventually do a set with the bar only.  Then and only then, am I ready to add weights to the bar.  My knees are not my best joint and it takes awhile to get them moving and get to the point that I can do a full squat. 

While I was going through this warm up routine at the Squat Rack and holding on to one of the uprights, a light bulb went on.  I stood between the two uprights, grabbed each one and supported myself as I did a full single leg squat.  Even then, I was only able to do 4 on each leg.   This seems to be the most efficacious method of starting off, half way between an assisted and a negative.

These are going to be tough. There are two components – strength and balance.   Strength can be built up, balance – well – balance is not my forte.  I would like to get to the point that I can do one full squat with each leg and not fall on my arse. 

This might be where a product like TRX Suspension Training Cables would come in handy.