I’m 66.  Started smoking at – maybe 14-15.  Became a heavy smoker in college – why – because there were no restrictions – and it was Cool.  Continued smoking in grad school.  Got married.  My wife went on a campaign to stop me from smoking.  So at the end of the second year in grad school after the last exam of the semester, I snuffed out the cig, put the pack on the cafeteria table and left it behind.  Not easy – but got it done.  Never picked it back up again – but – man – I would love to. Best I can reconstruct, I was a month or so shy of my 24th birthday.

My younger brother who smoked until he was 60 has severe COPD.  He quit while in the hospital on oxygen.  I can tell you the exact day because we visited him in the hospital on the way to my mother’s 91st birthday dinner.  At 63, his health is significantly impaired.  My older brother who is 69, has a very mild case – he stopped smoking somewhere in his 50’s.

My children never smoked.

A number of 52DCers have set a personal goal of not smoking.  Many have succeeded.  At the gym, some guys walk past me in a cloud of smoke.  Others light up the moment they leave the gym – WTF.

I received this video from a college fraternity brother.  I don’t ever remember seeing him smoke.