Had a late night yesterday – so no workout this morning.  It was to be a Cardio day – so bluntly – no big loss.  If we were in the middle of a 52DC, I would be cursing.  But – hey – you takes your joy where you can.  I also did not eat dinner until we got home.  Scrambled eggs and hot dogs for dinner at 9:30pm.   I do not like to eat late, but all I had up till then was a couple of pieces of cheese before I left and a package of pistachio nuts at the airport.

Lunch today was the office holiday party.  As always, I let the staff make the decision where we go.  They know that I need more choices than a slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta.  The restaurant was not bad.  The choices were limited, but it was only lunch.  They ordered 3 appetizers “for the table.”  {Amazing how much a table can eat.}   I had some of each.  They were not 100% clean, but they were not 100% bad.  There was also a limited volume available which kept me in check.  My treat – a glass of Shiraz at lunch.  I do not drink at lunch.  I could list the reasons, but I just think it is bad form.

Tonight I have a 5:30pm business meeting at one of the local Ambulance Corps.  They bring in SOS – I’ll make do.  Then on to the Town Board meeting which is hearing a request from the Corps – big problem – there is a budget fight over down sizing the police force.  I hope there is even a chair for me to sit on.  I am also praying that the Corps is first but I doubt it.  Is it impolite to snore?

Tomorrow is an early RT.  HIAH Get Strong Phase 1 Workout A and the a Continuing Ed course across the river.  That means crossing the “TZ Bridge” during heavy morning commuter traffic.  Then I get to sit on my ARSE for 4 hours.  The food served – bagels and muffins.   I will have to bring my clothes to the gym, shower there and get on the road early enough to be able to have breakfast a a diner before the course starts. 

I just re-read this post – boy am I in a negative mood.  Should’ve had two glasses of Shiraz.