Everything is quiet – except if you are shopping or preparing the house for the holiday and company.  Most people are just wrapped up in wrapping up their gifts.   They are too busy to do much of anything else.

Went to the gym early this morning – as usual.  Actually got there 10 minutes before the Guy opened the place.  I was not the first car in the lot, but the fourth.  All the usual suspects.  Did not matter, by the time I left – the place was not filling up.

Did HIAH Get Strong – Phase 1 Workout B – the Unilateral One.  Pushing my weights higher – or at least trying to.  Then there’s the single leg squat.  Doing it hanging on to the rope holds from a cable set to the highest point.  Yep – made my own sky hook.  In essence, this is an assisted squat.  I am hoping to push hard enough on these to actually do one unassisted at some point. 

My daughter’s in town for two days.  That meant that we had to visit Woodbury Commons.  This is an amazing place.  They bring bus loads of people up from the City.  Tourists from around the world will come here to shop.   People come with large rolling suitcases to put their purchase in as they go from store to store.  I hate going there.

Men are hunters – Women are gathers.  My wife, daughter and I went in three different directions.  I had one goal:  A Gray Herringbone Sport Coat – 2 button.   I’ve had one – at varying sizes – on and off over the years.  It is one of those “mainstays” of a man’s wardrobe.  Kinda like the little black dress, especially as worn by Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies.  You can wear it with jeans or dress slacks, with or without a tie.  Now that I have stabilized at my present weight and body, it is time to finally replace the last – rather large – one which is presently adorning a Good Will Shopper.  What got me looking was a picture in one of the latest Men’s Health issues.  

15 or more stores later – nothing – nada – not a f’n thing.  Even at Brooks Brothers and Barney’s, I could not find one in my size.  I ended up sitting on a cold bench scanning the list of stores.  Finally, I went into the food court – sat at an empty table – and closed my eyes – there was nothing to eat that would be TNT clean – but lordy the smells could drive you crazy.

My wife found a couple of things that made her happy.  My daughter purchased four business suits and is thrilled.   She assures me that there is no place comparable to this in and around the San Francisco area.  Surprises me.

I am happy for her.  I am even happier for me – I don’t have to go back there for a while – a long while.