Snow’s a come’n.  A Blizzard is on the way.  Got to the Gym early this morning.  Just a half-dozen die hards there.  Did HIAH Get Strong Phase 1 Workout C.  Added some Bench Presses to round it out.  This completes week 3.  One week left to go for this phase. 

My Plan:  Tues – Thurs – Sat of this coming week – do the fourth and final week of Phase 1.  Start the three workout unloading phase on the following Monday.  The 52 DC starts on Wednesday, January 5th, so I will be in the middle of the Unloading Phase for the start of the Challenge.  Not bad – but since the unloading workouts tend to be shorter – I will have to add something else to the workout to hit the 40 minutes.  I have yet to figure out my goals for this next Challenge.  I will look at Phase 2 of Get Strong and  build my goals around it.  I am considering shedding a few pounds more.  Not sure of that yet.

This past Friday evening (Christmas Eve), we went to our friends for dinner.  

The conversation – among the men – turned to exercise.  One guy who is 4 years my junior, and who has been exercising steadily for the past 30 years, commented that “Guys our Age” have to pull back.  He’s switched away from reistance machines and is focusing on Pilates – Stretching and light cardio.  The other guy, who is a couple of years older and had a heart attack, commented that you should not work out early in the morning, which I have been doing for several years.  Our host just does not exercise, which is surprising, since his adult son and step-son are both really into keeping their bodies in shape. 

All I could do was listen and say – “what ever works for you.”  Bluntly, I started working out with weights at the age that these guys stopped. 

So – Now on to the food.  Our friends have a tradition of serving 7 fishes on Christmas Eve.  I really did not limit my evening to Low Carb or Low Calorie.  I just tried to relax and enjoy.  In fact, earlier that day, my friend had called me and scolded me.  “We are having a lot of food – don’t hold back.”  I had turned down a second helping of shrimp the week or so before, since I wanted to enjoy the lamb chops he was roasting.  He lumps almost all his protein into the evening meal.  I spread it out during the day.

So what was served? 

  • Crab chowder.  Really good.  Just a few bits of potato in it.
  • Cold fish salad – mainly haddock.  Not my favorite, but was OK.    It had some cherry tomatoes in it.
  • Broiled Salmon.  Tasty but nothing special
  • Fried Tilapia coated with ground flax-seed and served with a marinara sauce.  We brought that dish.  It was surrounded with cucumber slices that had been marinated in apple vinegar and Splenda.
  • Two large pans of Muscles, Shrimp and Clams.  One pan in white wine and garlic sauce – the other – marinara sauce. 
  • The final and 8th fish course – Boiled lobster served with melted butter.

All of this was served with unending glasses of wine.  Dessert was Mrs. Costco’s Apple Pie and home-made Egg Nog – low carb but not low-calorie.  

Aside from the overall quantity of food and wine, the food was not significantly carb heavy.  The only carbs were in the chowder and the Apple Pie.  But note – there were no veggies – except a couple of tomatoes in the fish salad and the cucumbers.  Amazing.  I did not miss the carbs.  I did miss the Veggies.