The Big Blizzard of December 2010, has come and gone.   It dumped in excess of 15 inches with drifts hitting 5 feet or better.  The wind was amazing. 

We had gone to our friends’ home last night for Christmas left overs.  The snow had just started – but my car has AWD and they are just up the hill and around the corner – so we risked it.  Again – no veggies – but they had made a Paella out of the left over 7 fishes.  Had some rice.  Tasty.  When we left, their driveway and our car was covered with easily 8 inches.  The Town had already plowed the street so that was not a problem.  The strong winds had cleared enough of my driveway that with a bit of a running start, made it up the steep driveway and into the garage – happiness.

Since yesterday was a Plan B shake day which ended with having the Rice and after a holiday weekend of EATING, I expected my weight to be off the charts this morning.  Nope – 180.4.  No complaints.

We caught a break.  The wind blew a full 10-15 foot clear area in front of our Garage doors and 80-90% of the front walk way.  But – the drifts on the remainder of the driveway were too high for me to shovel and then the Town Plow buried the front of the driveway even higher.  We had to wait for our Plow Guy.  When he did not show early, we called him.  His truck had slid off the side of a steep driveway and he was stuck in a 6 foot drift, waiting for his friend to haul him out.  

All I could do was relax – which meant doing virtually nothing.  I had shoveled what I could by 8:30am.  I down loaded Skype and installed it on my computer.  Called my daughter in California and had some face time with my grandson.  Our Florida friends called to laugh at us.  We’ll be seeing them in two weeks.   Went on-line and signed up for the next 52DC which starts on Wednesday, January 5, 2011.   Set some basic goals, but – I am really considering adding to them. 

I want to post my 4 year anniversary pictures at the end of this challenge.  The last time I posted pictures – which you can see by clicking above – I was 3-4 pounds lighter -177.  I was also 2 years younger.  If I am going to post again – then I am going to have to lose some weight and buff up.  – Ha – Ha – Ha! 

So – I am considering adding back the 3600 Challenge – in addition to my HIAH Get Strong workouts.  Initially thinking: 

  • 800 Hanging Leg Raises.
  • 800 Dips
  • 800 Push-ups – with a non-3600 goal of 2000
  • 800 Swiss Ball Crunches – with a non-3600 goal of 2000
  • 400 Chin-ups

CABIN FEVER set in by noon.  The Plow Guy finally arrived at 2:45pm.  Luckily, my afternoon meeting was cancelled.  If it had not been, I would have been out there doing what I could to break through the drifts.  As it is, the mail carrier may not deliver mail to my box until I am able to get out there and clear the snow from in front of it.

Got 2 hours in at the office.  Tomorrow is another day.