It has been an insane period of time.  One that can drive a guy to look at the thrown out chocolate covered marshmallows sitting in the office garbage can and think – “Gee they don’t look dirty – maybe ………………..”

Sunday night and Monday was the Blizzard. 

Tuesday my 94 year old mother ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  I was in the ER with her from 3-9:30pm.  The only thing that was marginally edible in the hospital vending machine was Trail Mix.  Not the best, but better than a bag of chips.  I left when they gave her a sleeping pill.  They were admitting her, but there were no rooms available, so she would spend the night in the ER.  My wife made us chicken at 9:45, so did not get to sleep until late.

Wednesday was to be a calm work day.  The schedule was simple, no gym since I got to sleep late the night before, visit my mother, go to another holiday party – open house type; excuse myself and drive my son to the airport to catch a late flight and go back to the party.

Then the proverbial poop hit the fan.  My son’s 8:30pm flight was cancelled.  At 1:45 he was re-booked on a 2pm flight which was due to leave at 4:15pm.  Cancelled my appointments and drove him to the airport – thankfully it was a local one and not one of the big 3.  Hung around in the Cell Phone lot until he was confirmed to be on a plane that actually existed. 

But – I was out of gas.  Started driving on local roads to find a gas station – wrong decision.  White knuckles as the gas gage just kept dropping into the red zone.  Finally rolled into a gas station on fumes.  It was the highest priced gas you could find.  Handed the guy a 10 spot and said – this is it – no more. 

Called my brother to cover visiting my Mom.  Called my wife and told her that we needed to bring food to the party.  Made it across the TZ bridge.  Got money.  Bought some wine to bring to the Party.  Swung by the office, then headed home.  Freshened up and made it to the party 50 minutes late.

And there was the food: Four trays of PASTA with minimal meat.  Our tray of chicken wings was the only real protein.  The assembled guests swarmed over it.  I managed to have 4 wings.  And that was it. 

Yes, I had the pasta – just not a lot.  I realized that for me, pasta was just a means of conveying the sauce to my mouth.  I never really liked pasta for pasta’s sake.  I also had a couple of cookies and more than two glasses of wine.   Terrible evening.

The best part of the evening:  I wore my new sport jacket with jeans and a black sweater.  Dyn-o-mite look.  Many positive comments about my weight loss.   Chatted with one guy who had stopped working out when the kids came – he’s going to start again after the 1st.  Emailed him information about NROL, HIAH and the BBOE.

This morning was HIAH Get Strong Phase 1 Workout B – the Unilateral one.  Still had my Plan B pre & post shakes with carbs.  The workout was a good one.  Did Dumbbell bent over rows with 65 pounds.  Nice.  Could have moved it up to 70.  One more workout with this phase.  Then unloading for a week and on to phase 2.

Signed a DNR for my mother.

Looked at the chocolate covered marshmallows sitting in the garbage can – walked away.