I wrapped up Get Strong Phase 1 on New Years Day.  Nice start to 2011.  This morning was a Cardio with some shoulder exercises.  Nothing substantial.  Just needed to keep me moving.  Tomorrow morning I start Get Strong Phase 1A the one week Unloading or Active Rest workouts.  You can check out that program on the Page I created for it, along with the link to the workout chart.

On Wednesday, the Winter 52DC starts. I am ready. In addition to the HAH Get Strong program, I have added some further exercises to include in the 3600 challenge. Those will round out the program and make sure that every workout is at least 40 minutes long.

It is interesting that a number of former Challengers are back in the fold. It is good to see them and know that they are still actively exercising and looking after their health.

The Only issue up in the air is the 5% challenge. Still chewing that one over. I guess it will depend upon my weight on Wednesday morning.

Cosgrove and Shuler have come out with a new NROL book focused on your Core.   I enjoyed the NROL workouts – but – I have more than enough workouts left in the HAH programs to take me through this Challenge and maybe the next two.  I can wait on getting that book.

I need to thumb through that one before I buy it.  Similarly, there is now a Big Book of Nutrition.  Since I do not see Adam’s name on it, I will not buy it until I get a sense of its bias. 

We head down to Florida on January 12th and come back on the 19th.  Both flights leave late enough for me to get an early morning workout in.  I will have to get a one week membership at a local gym.  Every time I do this, they charge a different rate.  It will be interesting to see what happens this time.