Clothing is not my favorite topic.  Since I have lost weight and toned up my body, certain parts have gone from being hidden by my overall body size to down right annoying.   I needed two work suits.  Nothing fancy, just ones that did the job and looked decent.  Now that I am in Normal sizes, you would assume that this would not be a problem. Ha!

Men’s suits come in standard sizes.  Suits have what is called a “drop,” which is the difference between the number given in the size and your pant size. American suits typically have a 6-inch drop. For example, a Regular fit American suit in size 42R would have pants that are size 36. Slim-fit suits or European suits typically have a 7-inch drop.  Athletic fit suits have an 8 inch drop.   Almost all suits {in affordable price range} do not take into account if you are short-waisted – as I am. 

My problem is simple:  having lost 80 pounds and having toned up where I can, I am left with excess skin in various parts of my body.  In most areas, this is hidden by clothing, but my gut pools around my waist.  End result, my waist is out of proportion to the rest of my body – and will remain so – until I have this problem surgically corrected – which will probably never happen.  Also, I suffer from LOA – Lack of Ass.  I could do squats forever – nothing is going to change this shape.  I inherited it from my mother and my daughter inherited it from me.  It’s in the Genes – but does not fill out the Jeans.

If I purchase pants that fit my waist, are pleated in the front and are your standard Men’s Dress pants, they fit me much like these pictures.

Not flattering in the least – especially the rear view.

So I was pretty happy when I found a sale on Trim Fit suits manufactured by Tommy Hilfiger.  But the story does not end there.   I have been buying size 42 sport jackets.  The 42 did not fit – way too small in the shoulders.  The 44 was a smidgen too big across the shoulders.  A 43 would have worked.  I guess I will just have to build up some shoulder muscle to make up the difference.

The pants presented another challenge.  There were only 34’s and 36’s.  I fit most comfortably in a 35 which is rare to find.  The 34’s were super small and the 36’s are snug.  I guess I will just have to lose a couple of pounds.

I bought two suits – a gray and a black.  Just need to get the pants shortened and I am one happy man.

Why have I bored you with all of this – Simple – form follows function.  What I need to do starting tomorrow, when the Winter 52DC starts, is driven by these damn suits. 

My workout goals – need to include Shoulder work along with Squats.  My Clean Eating goals need to include a weight loss goal.

This would all be easier, if I would only win tonight’s Lottery Drawing.

This is my last entry in the Winter 2010 Interlude Category – the Winter 2011 Challenge starts tomorrow.