Today is the first day of the Winter 2011 52 Day Challenge (52DC).   There are a huge number of Challengers signed on.  It looks like close to or in excess of 100.  A number of individuals who frequent the General Discussion Forum are in.  I hope they hang around.  Also, there a a lot of Oldies but Goodies who have come back to play.  Nice to see them.

Here are my Goals for the Challenge:

Core Goals:

  • CE: 94/104 – This should not be a problem since my wife is very focused on losing weight and I’m along for the ride.
  • RT: 20 – Doing HIAH Get Strong
  • CT: 20 – 20 minutes of intervals on the Treadmill – I will add the 3600 Challenge items to stretch this out to 40 minutes.

I would have increased both the RT & CT goals but I have a week’s vacation in Florida and will be dealing with my Mom – both of these may throw me a curve ball or two.  If things work out – I continue exercising and – and will increase my goals.

Personal Goals:

  • PG1: 40-4-40
  • PG2: 3600 Challenge {These are in addition to my regular RT workouts}
    800 Hanging Leg Raises.
    800 Dips
    800 Push-ups – real goal here is closer to 2000
    800 Swiss Ball Crunches
    400 Chin-ups
  • PG3: Post my 4 year anniversary Pictures.

I was considering a weight loss goal.  I had been flirting with 183/184  and had gone back to 179/180 before the break.  During this past weekend, I was back up to the 183/184 mark.  If I had weighed in any where close to that this morning, I would have entered the 5% Challenge.  Instead, I was 179.8.  I want to get down to closer to 175 by the end of the Challenge – or – at least sufficiently below the 180 mark, so that I do not see it – except for a Carb Heavy Re-feed weekend.

This morning, I did HIAH Get Strong Phase 1A Unloading Workout B.  I added some crunches, chin-us and push-ups to the mix.  Good workout.

BTW – took those two suit pants in to be shortened.  With the bloat gone from the weekend, the waist fit a hell of a lot better.