In today’s 52DC Posts, there was a discussion about “a show on Food Network last night where they highlighted Lumpy’s in Antioch.  They have these obscene food challenges where you eat pounds of crappy food and get your name on the wall.”  Check out the Kitchen Sink Omelette.  Now I am a guy who – eating low carb – can eat everything listed there and still call it a Clean Eat.  The only question – could I actually eat it in one sitting – Yep – No question – I could.


This brought back to mind a scene from my ill spent youth (early 20’s). I commented as follows:

Some 40++ years ago, my wife and I and another couple where in Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Lauderdale. It was famous for huge servings of ice cream. The 4 of us ordered the Kitchen Sink. A mammoth bowl of ice cream beyond big was placed in the middle of the table with 4 spoons. We did not miss a beat – took it down by almost 2/3’s. The waitress came over and said how could they serve that to you – whipped it away and returned with another one – not merely filled to the top – but over flowing.

We ate the whole thing.

Oh to be 20 something again.

The sad part of this – I could still eat the whole thing. 🙂