Completed Phase 1A Saturday and will started Phase 2 Workout A this morning.  The Chart for the Phase 2 is attached to its Page.  The Pages are listed on the Side of this screen.  Workout A looks like this:

WORKOUT A: LOAD SUPER HEAVY (2-3 RM) 15 Rep Max and 60 seconds rest between sets.

Wide-Grip Pull Up (pg 209)  I have avoided this particular exercise because my Left Rotator Cuff does not like to do them.  I usually substitute Chin-ups.  I tried the Pull-ups.  Could not even do one.  Not happy.  Ended up doing Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs at 150.  See – all I need to do is lose 30 pounds.  I am going to try to conquer this exercise. 

Barbell Decline Close-Grip Bench Press (pg 226)  I ended up doing these in the Squat Rack for two reasons.  First, it is the only way I can get a bench that is not a full 45+ degrees slant.  Second, I can set the side safety rails at a point that avoids having to have a spotter.   Used the heavy bar and two 45’s = 135 pounds – I hope to get this up to 150.

Front Squat (pg 242)  I hate these.  I substitute a cross over grip to the classic one.  Does not matter.  I am lucky to do 1/4 squats.

I was hoping to get in Workout B on Wednesday morning before I leave for Florida.  Not gonna happen.  Snow is a coming.  I will be lucky to get a flight out.  This is why I do not skip an available exercise time.  Never know when life is going to get in the way.