I am down in Florida for a week.  Weather is so much warmer than up north but not really swimming weather.  No matter.

Got my new laptop working with a new wireless router.  I am one happy fella.  Still have to set up the printer and the gotomypc connection to the office.  Tomorrow is another day.

Joined the local Power House Gym for the week.  $35.00 for 8 days.  Ok by me.  It has all the equipment I use.  I have gone twice and should end up going 7 out of the 8 days.

I will review the HIAH Phase 2 workouts in my next post.   Not bad. 

I am puzzled by a recent give and take on the MH TNT Forum.  I am always surprised when someone who is not doing TNT jumps in and bad mouths it or attempts to give advice that has no place in that forum. 

Maybe my view is wrong or stilted.   Most of the individuals who pop up on the Forum are Newbies.  They are looking for guidance on this specific program.  Most have a lot of weight to lose.  I know there are varying opinions as to different components of the program but when you are first learning to swim, you should master one stroke before you learn the others.  I do not believe that variances from the program – which are appropriate after most of a person’s weight has dissipated, are appropriate right out of the gate.  We should not be modifying too many things at the get go.

Here is the Link to that discourse. I am specifically referring to the back and forth with NTDA.   His final diatribe:

So you blindly follow what your guru says without any thought to the rationale for doing so — and implore others to do the same. And when challenged on your recommendations all you have is “I follow the book”.

I never know the right way to respond.  I know that this eating plan has worked for me, that it makes sense, that there are varying opinions are different aspects of it, but does that mean that everyone should just jump off in any direction?  I got fat for always finding an excuse for eating wrong.  It is a failing that so many of those of us who have carried too much weight all have.

Now the gallon of Chocolate Mint ice cream in the freezer, purchased by and for my Sister-in-law,  I do not see any reason I shouldn’t eat it – after all – a recent study shows ………………………………