This vacation has been a bit different from others.  Since we are in our own vacation home and do not have specific touring or other tasks to achieve, it is much like a staycation.  Staying at home and not working.  I have been able to get to the gym every morning.  Not having to watch the clock, has allowed me to extend spent on ME.  Strange as that sounds.  I have been getting in more of my 3600 exercises and doing at least two doubles.

This morning was a bit different.  Did my HIAH Get Strong Phase 2 Workout B.  Only added 100 swiss ball crunches and hurried home.  The wife and I had appointments for massages.  Yippee.

I don’t often get a message – in fact – the last one was on our Anniversary Cruise several almost 3 years ago.  That one was nice – but the young lady giving the massage was just not able to apply enough pressure to make me happy.

This time was different.  I requested a deep tissue massage – and that is just what I got.  “Candy” did not look like candy.  Nice person.  I was a little concerned because I did not think she would be able to do what I wanted.  Wrong.

She reached into my body, grabbed each individual muscle and proceeded to destroy me.  It was just this side of pain.  Loved it.

And for you salacious readers – no – Candy did not even suggest a happy ending.

Came back to the house and had lunch.  By the time we cleaned up and packed up to go to the pool – the rains came.  No problem – I can write this post and finish the book I’m reading.

Tonight we are heading down to Delray for a nice dinner out.  Just made reservations at Vic and Angelos. Tomorrow, I will get my workout in, eat breakfast and pack.  We have an afternoon flight out, so no pressure to run ourselves ragged.  A relaxing end to a relaxing vacation.

Oh – one other thing – my wife’s sister, her husband and now their daughter are here as well.  No problem, more than enough room and they are easy to get along with.  BUT – they are Carb-aholics.  Seriously, there are 4 large tubs of ice cream in the freezer and bags and boxes of CARBS.  Highly processed ones.  No – I have no desire to delve in – although – it is a bit harder for my wife.

The only question – why over the last 40 years – have they been able to eat like that and not gain weight?  There is no Justice.