While I was on vacation, we ended up in a Barnes and Noble. My SIL was searching for a South Florida Zagat’s so she would know where to eat. Since she only eats fish, I really did not see any reason to care – but – hey – its her vacation as well. I wandered over to the exercise and diet area. I had two books on my radar. The new Men’s Health Big Book of Food & Nutrition by Joel Weber and Mike Zimmerman, and Schuler and Cosgrove ‘s New Rules of Lifting for Abs.  Could not find either.  Finally wandered up front and there they were on the Resolutionists’ Table.

I flipped through the BBFN.  My wife commented – tongue in cheek – that it had pretty pictures.  I checked out their opinion on Low Carb Diets and put the book back.  I did purchase Cosgrove’s book.  Have not read it yet.

This morning, having returned from the South to the frigid north and an empty fridge, we did a Costco run.  I ended up sitting on a leather chair on a platform doing a more in-depth review of the BBNF.  My original conclusion was sustained.

Men’s Health will recycle much of what it print’s in its magazines, in various books, both big and small.  This is not a problem since I can periodically throw out my stack of magazines.  Much of what is in this book is recycled nutrition information.  If that was it, I would have no problem.

So what am I gripping about?  There is a section which reviewed other diets.  Low Carb eating was reduced to the following concept:  Of course you will lose weight when you eliminate one food group, because you have eliminated calories.  But, you can not sustain this way of eating and it is not healthy. 

I don’t care if they chose to say that their plan is better than others for one reason or another, but why carry forward false and incomplete information? 

Don’t waste your money on pretty pictures, after all – if I found one glaring false statement – how many more are there?  I am definitely not going to check out their BBO Sex.

I will deal with the new NROL for Abs once I actually read it.  So far, I am not impressed.  Opinions can change.