Piecemeal is defined as “done piece by piece over a period of time.” 

One of the problems with making a major change in your body composition by both weight loss and exercise is the need to replace your wardrobe.  I have spoken about this several times before.  But, it is really hard to imagine just how many pieces of clothing each of us owns.  The cost becomes significant, especially in this economy.

Living in the Northeast, I need a multitude of different seasonal clothes.  There are really three seasons: Summer, Fall/Spring and Winter.  Each season has its own needs, but also its own look.  Add in the fact that my work requires me to have a professional wardrobe.  That means suits and business level clothing.  When virtually none of your prior clothing fits, you are forced to replace a lot of clothing.   It is no longer just pick up a couple of pieces to re-place worn out clothes or re-fresh your clothing choices, but a complete overhaul. 

I have slowly but surely re-built my wardrobe – a piece at a time.   Unless you happen to be Donald Trump, you need to prioritize the purchases.  I have started to hit the bottom of that list.  Today, I purchased a Camel Hair dress top or over coat.  Why was it on the bottom of the list?  Most of my suits are blue, black or gray.  Very little is in the brown family.  But – when you need brown, a black over coat will not do.  Aside from which, this piece was on a deep sale, after all, it is January 29th.

I am still weaning out “interim” pieces – those pieces I bought to carry me over prior to hitting my present weight.  They got very little wear.  I don’t throw them in the bins.  I trek over to the Good Will Store and hand them over.  Someone is going to be very happy.  I know I am.

This has been a time-consuming and expensive process.  Most men would also agree that it is a painful process.  Sorry ladies, most of us do not get quite the same level of joy out of shopping that you do. 

At this point, remaining the same size from season to season and year to year has become a financial necessity.  It is one of the biggest incentives for hitting the gym and sticking to my diet.  There was a time that I had several different sizes of clothing:  large, larger, largest and OMG no one can be that big.  Now, I only have clothing that fits today.  No more games. 

I will not go to my grave in an oversized coffin.