There are days and then there are DAYS.  Today was a DAY.  Had a great workout. 

I did HIAH Get Strong Phase 2, Workout A,  This is the last Phase 2 series of workouts.  I made some good progress and increased my weights.  I am getting closer to being able to do a wide grip pull-up palms forward.  Just have to be super careful with my left rotator cuff. 

Here is where I stand half way to the Finish Line, Sunday January 30, 2011, Day 26 (50%):

  • CE: 52/52/94 (55.32%)
  • RT: 15/20 (75%)
  • CT: 11/20 (55%)
  • PG1: (40-4-40): 23/40 (57.5%)
  • PG2: 3600 Challenge: 2856/3600 (79.33%)
  • (Hanging Leg Raises): 515/800 (64.38%)
  • (Dips): 435/800 (54.38%)
  • (Push-ups): 1215/800 (151.88%)
  • (Swiss Ball Crunches): 2260/800 (282.5%)
  • (Chin-ups): 306/400 (76.5%)

I am happy with my progress.  Focusing once again on the over all volume of Push-ups has helped with my Decline Bench Press and other related exercises.   The original rules for the 3600 challenge set a limit of 800 reps for each exercise.  The goal was to force encourage you to have no less than 4 different exercises.  You could exceed the 800 number, but that did not count towards completion of that goal.  With the Swiss Ball Crunches and Push-ups both exceeding 800, I am well over 3600 reps.  No problem, I’ll just keep truck’n.  I would like to see my Push-up number hit 2500-3000.

I am not happy with my overall eating.  Although I am still following the program, the volume of food has snuck up a bit.  Also, eating out has become a problem.  Damn water emergency.  I feel like a Salt Lick.  No matter how careful you are, restaurant food contains ingredients that you would rather avoid.  But – not being able to wash dishes and pots, has created a real problem in cooking at home.   With a little bit of luck, this will be over by tomorrow.

I will finish off HIAH Get Strong Phase 2 and do a week of unloading or active rest.  Have not reviewed the next phase in the book.  I also have to start reading NROL for Abs and see what if anything that it suggests can be incorporated into my workout.

Constant shake up may be good for your muscles – but it is better for your mind.