Strange tale.  

A young man of 18 years, who has been battling a series of learning and emotional difficulties, is finally off his cocktail of psychotropic meds.  He stands 6’3″ or so and has lost well over a 100 pounds that he had gained on those meds.  He looks great and has been exercising heavily.  He has started to put on some serious definition in the last several months.  I envy him his youth and abundance of testosterone.   Nothing beyond what you would expect from a guy his age who spends time at the gym.

What he wants is to return to school and graduate with his peers.  He believes that he can handle it and just wants a chance.  There has not been any “laying on of hands.”   He is not cured.  Bits and pieces of his learning and emotional issues still show up around the edges.  Still, he is not the same person he was 12-18 months ago.

So much discussion went on around the table.  The school personnel all gave their opinion.  Some was hard for him to hear, but he held himself together.  I would have lost it, if it was me.  The one teacher related that he came into her special class very distracted.  After letting her know what he was going to do, he did a series of push-ups to get the anxiousness out of his system.  My thoughts were that it was a good way for him to handle it.

The guy at the end of the table, who looks like the heaviest thing he has ever lifted was his fork, asked him if he was taking Steroids.  WTF.  There were no tell-tale signs of Steroids other than developing muscles.   If he was taking Steroids, he would be twice the size. 

Afterwards, I asked him about where he worked out and what type of workout he did.  He told me that he worked out at the new Retro Fitness near him, which everyone knows is your local juice bar, and he was following something off a particular exercise Web site.  He also told me his father, who is now mobility impaired, “used to be bigger than me.”  He meant muscular.  I suggested that he look into the HIAH program.  He was happy to get advice and appreciated my suggestion. 

I was dressed in a suit and prefaced my conversation with him by saying:  “underneath this suit is actually an old man gym rat.”  He laughed.  I told him what I did for a workout.  I needed some cred.

Strange – why do those who do not exercise always think that there is something askew with those that do?

Oh yeah – he’s back in school.  Now it is up to him.  I wish him success – he’s earned it.