I am still under the weather with a nasty upper respiratory infection.  Better than yesterday but still not a 100%.  I decided that I just needed to get back to working out.  This involuntary time off was becoming annoying. 

When the alarm clock went off, I checked the window since more snow was due.  Nothing.  Got up and got to the Gym early.  Felt Ok.  Did Swiss Ball Crunches: 100, 50, 50, 50 alternating sets with Decline Push-ups off a bench: 35, 20, 20, 25.  This was to be my warm up.

Looked out the Window – it was Snowing – what a surprise.

Moved into the Get Strong Program.  Medium weight – 35 Reps with 10-12 Rep Max.  First was High Pulls.  I tire fast on these – even on a low weight.  Then Cable Standing Presses.  These are awkward to get into the starting position – but I’ve bumped the weight up to 80 pounds on each stack.  The final exercise was Good Mornings, done with the Bar across your shoulders.  The key here is Form.  Really focused on tightening the core and making sure the back maintained its proper curve.  Bad form on this one can send you to the Chiropractor pretty damn fast.

When I finished, I was finished.  I could feel the cold sapping my strength and slowing my recovery.  But – I finished without reducing the weights.

Assuming that I do not blow a Clean Eat tonight, here are my numbers for today that I will post on tomorrow’s 52DC Forum:

My numbers for Saturday February 5, 2011, Day 32 (61.54%):

  • CE: 64/64/94 (68.09%)
  • RT: 17/20 (85%)
  • CT: 12/20 (60%)
  • PG1 (40-4-40): 26/40 (65%)
  • 3600 Challenge: 3006/3600 (83.5%)
  • (Hanging Leg Raises): 575/800 (71.88%)
  • (Dips): 495/800 (61.88%)
  • (Push-ups): 1515/800 (189.38%)
  • (Swiss Ball Crunches): 2710/800 (338.75%)
  • (Chin-ups): 336/400 (84%)

There are 20 days left in this Challenge.  Discounting three rest days (Fridays), this leaves 17 possible workouts.  I need to get in 3 RTs which will be the Phase 2A unloading workouts, and 8 CTs.  Today, should have been a CT, but with my cold, an RT made more sense. 

To complete the 3600, I need 225 Leg Raises – not a problem.  305 Dips – stretching the point just a bit.  64 Chin-ups – no problem.  BUT – I really want to do an extra 100 Chin-ups and another 1000 Push-ups.  Those two will cause me some grief. 

Also, in addition to the 11 RT & CT workouts – I need 3 more to make the 40-4-40 Goal.  End result – I may just have to delay commencing Get Strong Phase 3 for one week or more or not. 

I will be posting Pages for the Get Strong Phase 2A and Phase 3 workouts.  Check back on Monday for the 2A workout.

One Final Note on Super Bowl Sunday:  We are going to friends for the game/party.  Our goal, bring food that we can eat – Bratwurst – Wisconsin Soul Food – is our shopping goal.