Tonight was one more business association dinner.  A cocktail hour with an open bar, followed by a lecture and then dinner.

The cocktail hour was fine.  Except for one item, everything was TNT Plan A OK  – well almost.  Needed to rinse one item off, but no biggie.  Had two glasses of Malbec, not bad – can’t complain – open bar. 

The young waiter took our orders.  The choices: beef, chicken or salmon.  I chose the beef and said: “No Potatoes – double veggies.”  About 5 minutes or so later he came back.  “Sorry Sir, we don’t have potatoes, we have rice.”  WTF.  I tried not to allow my eyes to roll upwards or cross.  I just responded:  “No rice – double veggies.  Thank you.”

Otherwise, it was a pretty good evening.  I did not fall asleep during the lecture.  I did make a note to myself to speak with the President and tell him that he has to be more careful in his sexist intros.  Why did he need to comment that the speaker was good looking?  She was – but so what?  The food was fine.  The desert was sufficiently lousy that I could reject it without a tear.

Aside from which – a couple of people commented on my weight loss and ability to maintain my new physique.  Always makes the evening a good one.

Tomorrow is my normal BNI Friday morning breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee.  What could be bad?