There are 10 days left to this Winter 2010 52DC Challenge.  Of those, there are two Fridays – which are my days off.  That leaves me 8 possible workouts.  As of today, my core goals look like this:

CE: 84/84/94 (89.36%)

RT: 21/20 (105%)

CT: 17/20 (85%)  3 more CTs to do – no problem here.

PG1 (40-4-40): 34/40 (85%)  6 more total days to workout – out of 8.  This should not be a problem unless life throws me a curve ball or two.   I have no idea how this got so out of kilter.  Going to have to review all my entries on the spread sheet. 

Monday I completed HIAH: Get Strong Phase 3 – Workout A – the Super Heavy One. 15 Reps, 2-3 rep max.  Ouch.

Neutral-Grip Pull-up:  This was the first time I tried this type of pull-up.  One problem, the rubber coating on the bars kept turning in my hand.  There are 3 possible stations – found one which did not turn.

Overhead Squat:  This is just plain ridiculous.  I set the bar high and the safety bars, almost as high.  Still could only do partials with just the bar.

Dip:  This was great – was able to add 25 pounds on the dip belt – next week, I’ll go for 35.

Dumbbell Romanian Dead Lift:  Did these with 50 DBs.  Next week – 55s.

Tomorrow I will do Workout B: Load Heavy – the Unilateral One. – 15 reps, 4-6 rep max.

Cable Standing One Arm Mid-Pulley Row Elbows in: I should be able to do this at a weight that will require me to forcibly counter balance my body.  That is actually the difficulty.

Dumbbell Single Leg Dead Lift: Balance stupid balance.  I “ain’t” got no balance. – sigh.

Dumbbell One Arm Incline Bench Press:  This should be interesting – trying to keep my core steady enough to lift the weight.

Single Leg Squat:  Let’s not joke – this is a bitch.   I will be doing this in an assisted manner – by hanging on to ropes attached to a cable weight stack.

I’m lik’n these workouts.

My 3600 progress is over the top.

  • (Hanging Leg Raises): 945/800 (118.13%)
  • (Dips): 905/800 (113.13%)
  • (Push-ups): 2640/800 (330%)  I want to push this over 3000 – if not 3500
  • (Swiss Ball Crunches): 4210/800 (526.25%)  Aiming for 5200
  • (Chin-ups): 529/400 (132.25%)

Two weeks for the Dinner at Carmine’s – I wonder if it will come off – and if it does – who will actually show up.  And most important – what will I eat?  I feel a Plan E re-feed coming on.