Got up bright and early – as usual – and got to the gym by 6am.  Did a Cardio/Body Weight workout.  I have 4 more 40 minute workouts – of which 2 must be Cardio, in order to hit my PG1 for this Challenge.  Tomorrow is my normal day off.  Starting Saturday – I have 6 days – not counting the final Friday of the 52 Day Challenge – to complete my goals – this should not be a problem – hopefully.

Lunch is a birthday party for one of our Staff who just lost her husband.  We are taking everything over to another staff member’s house, since she is laid up post reconstructive foot surgery.  Going to lose time and not have an easy Low Carb meal.  No worry – you do what you gotta do.

This evening, I am lecturing at one of the local libraries.  They tell me that there are close to their seating max of 25 people signed up.  Amazing what happens when it DOES NOT SNOW.

Using, I have a $25.00 off certificate for the Bombay Grill. There should be enough Clean Low Carb food to pick from. Just need to be super careful in making our choices.  That really is the good part about Low Carbing – you can eat at most restaurants – as long as they have choices.  I have found that the lower quality Chinese and Mexican places are just not places I will go – along with Pizza restaurants – all Italian restaurants on Pasta Night. 

Although, they all sound good – on every type of clean eating program – they rate a fail.  They were part of the reason that I was up to 260 pounds.  No more.

I’ll save my indulgence for the dinner at Carmine’s in NYC on March 2nd.