Trying to wrap of the last of the 52DC, so I headed to the Gym early this morning.  Strong winds – unreal – maybe 50 mph.

Driving on the highway just before sunrise.  I’m travelling 62 mph and there is a guy in the left lane driving an SUV – in my blind spot, pacing me at the same speed – idiot.  Then – up ahead – a tree bent across both lanes.  The right lane – in which I was travelling – was barely clear enough to avoid all the branches taking out a window or your roof.  The left lane – branches galore.  I hit the brakes – he never changed his speed, just moved in front of me as I slowed down and passed through the “tunnel,” then moved back in the left lane.  IDIOT.

Today was Workout C of HIAH Get Strong Phase 3.  I warmed up with 300 crunches on  the Swiss Ball and 100 decline push-ups off a bench.  Then I moved onto the weights.  Luckily, this time in the morning, one of the Squat racks was available.  There are two different styles of Squat Racks – this one lent itself to all three of my exercises.

WORKOUT C: Load Heavy: 4-6 Rep Max, 15 Reps total, 75 seconds rest.

  • High Pull – as easy as these look – they aren’t – or maybe I should not have done the push-ups first.
  • Barbell Standing Shoulder Press – why is up so difficult?
  • Squat – really concentrated on squatting as deep as my knees would allow.

I finished the workout with 25 more decline push-ups.  I would have stayed to do more, but the electrician was due at the house.  As it was, he was gone by the time I got home.  Need to do 75 more during the day today.  I am trying to hit 3500 push-ups by the end of the Challenger.  As of today I will be at 3140.  I want to hit 5200 Swiss Ball Crunches.  As of today, I am at 4810.  I should be able to hit my marks.  I may end up doing circuits of my body weight exercises as my final CT on Thursday.  That circuit is my 3600 list:

  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Dips
  • Push-ups
  • Swiss Ball Crunches
  • Chin-ups

Had my TNT Plan B shake in the locker room and headed home.  Surprisingly, the garage door was open.  I came in and told my wife about the wind.  She responded – “Did you see the wind damage over the garage door?”  I ran outside – the coping along one edge of the roof had been ripped off.  Could not find it in the immediate area.  Went out onto the back deck – could not locate it.  The wind must have taken it for one hell of a ride.   After breakfast, I drove around the neighborhood looking for it – nothing. 

That side of the house gets hit hard by the prevailing winds.  If wind damage was going to happen, this is where it will happen.

Mariah really did a job on us today.

They Call The Wind Mariah.

ETA: Did another 275 push-ups during the course of the day.  Did them in sets ranging from 25 – 40.  Total for the day – 400.