I love weekends. The gym doesn’t open until 7pm {the kid lets us in at 6:45} so I get to sleep 45 minutes longer. I don’t have to rush through my workout, I can take a bit more time and not constantly look at the clock. 

The Winter 2011 52DC is quickly coming to an end.  This morning was a Cardio/Body Weight workout.  One more CT to go and one more 40-4-40.

Most importantly, breakfast can be a bit more relaxing with time to read the paper and brew a pot of coffee. Usually my wife is the Chief Cook. This morning, she got caught up in an early morning movie on TV while she waited for me to return from the Gym.  I was on my own.

Got the pot of coffee brewing and opened the Fridge.

There was a real small piece of steak and a large chunk of steamed fresh cauliflower – cooked al dente – both left over from last night’s dinner.  I found a red pepper, some large mushroom caps and a lone small sweet onion. 

I pulled it all out, grabbed the cutting board and a knife and got busy.  I chopped the cauliflower into small pieces discarding the stems. Then did the same for the small sweet onion, the red pepper, and the three large mushroom caps. I added some sweet butter to a fry pan and threw it all in. Topped it off with a large teaspoon of minced garlic {large bottle from Costco} and a dash of hot sauce. Periodically stirred it around in the pan.  When it was almost done, I added the cut up leftover steak. Continued frying until crisp.  There is was: Mock Hash Brown Potatoes.

While that was cooking, I scrambled 4 eggs with a splash of cream added a twist of pepper and fried the eggs in butter in a second pan over medium heat, constantly stirring and taking the pan on and off the heat. I like them while they are still a little moist, and as you noticed, I don’t care for salt.

Warmed the plates in the microwave and split everything in half – served.

My wife commented that my time in college working as a short order cook was well spent.