OMG – seriously – just amazing.  Added 35 pounds to the dip belt and did 4+ dips.  Since you were only supposed to get to 2-3 reps, I am going to have to raise it to maybe – 45 pounds – UNREAL

So – why could I not do even one dip when I was 35-45 pounds heavier than I am?  Probably because I had not been exercising for 20 years.

I will need to add weight to the neutral grip chin up. Damn rubber coating on the hand holds keep turning.  I’ll try 10 pounds and see what happens.

Did Romanian Dumbbell dead lifts with 60 pound weights.  Need to increase those to 65 pounds – WOW.

Overhead Barbell Squats – no way.  Just trying to get my body to actually do more than a quarter squat with an empty bar is beyond my ability.  Strange – just strange.

The 52DC ends this Friday.  I am going to try to hit 4000 on the push-ups.  Next challenge – going to try for 5200.  Swiss Ball Crunches – I do them in sets of 100 or – if feeling good – the first set will be 200.  Same thing – next challenge 5200.

RT days are Plan B shake days.  I wish I knew the extent to which they actually work.  I posted in the Forum an article from T-Nation concerning manipulating Insulin by ingesting carbs around workouts and generally maintaining reduced carbs.  Of course – they are talking about serious Muscle Heads – unlike this guy – who is happy when he makes minimal progress.   But their point was clear – You do not have to alternate between bulk and cut regimes – you can do it all at the same time.

The TNT Diet and Low Carb Eating Plan has not steered me wrong.  It is nice to find something that works for you and you can stick with.

Finished a meeting with a client I haven’t seen in 6 years.  He turned to me at the end of our meeting and asked: “Is the gentleman who originally worked with me still here?” 

That was me – 80 pounds heavier.  🙂