Went to the Gym this morning and completed my Cardio goal.  All my goals have now been reached or exceeded – but – that “ain’t” the end of it.

Here are my numbers as of today – assuming I do not blow a CE at tonight’s political fund-raiser for a dear friend. 

My numbers for Wednesday, February 22, 2011, Day 50 (96.15%):

  • CE: 100/98/94 (106.38%)
  • RT: 24/20 (120%)
  • CT: 20/20 (100%)

PG1 (40-4-40): 41/40 (102.5%)

3600 Challenge: 3600/3600 (100%)

  • (Hanging Leg Raises): 1105/800 (138.13%)
  • (Dips): 1096/800 (137%)
  • (Push-ups): 3840/800 (480%)
  • (Swiss Ball Crunches): 5210/800 (651.25%)
  • (Chin-ups): 655/400 (163.75%)

I have a side bet going with Danoj14 to see who can get to and get past the 4000 mark on push-ups.  I figure that 200 per day will give me 4240.   That is really the only one of the Body Weight exercises I need/want to do.  Maybe.  I always like to round things off and push for a higher number.  With just doing the push-ups, I will end up around 12,300.  I am considering not doing my HIAH workout tomorrow but just doing the 3600 Body Weight exercises – not sure about this.   Friday is my normal day off.  If I am going to do any BW exercises – tomorrow is the day.

If you have any question about the value of the TNT diet, check out roverdisco’s post on the TNT Forum. His before and after pics are really amazing and his story is true to form It is really great what you can do when you want to.  Aside from doing the TNT Diet, he did the TNT exercises and then moved onto HIAH.