Got up a couple of minutes earlier than usual this morning.  Had my coffee/whey protein drink and a Greek no-fat fruit on the bottom yogurt.  Headed out the door.

First things first – did 300 swiss ball crunches mixed with some push-ups and chin-ups.  Then headed on to do Workout B – of HIAH Get Strong Phase 3 – the Unilateral One.  The Dumbbell Single Leg Dead Lifts were a joke – no balance this morning.  Less than usual – no idea – just was.  May never get past assisted Single Leg Squats.  I will just keep at it.

Once I finished that workout, I did 10 more Hanging Leg Raises and Dips.  Did another set or two of chin-ups and another set of push-ups.  Long work out.

In the locker room, I had my Plan B shake which was another one of those yogurts blended with 6oz of water and 3/4 scoop of whey protein.  When I got home, I did another two sets of push-ups.  Left 50 more for the evening.

When I entered my numbers, I realized that I had shorted myself from my goal.  My 3600 Body Weight 5 ended up like this:

  • Hanging Leg Raises: 1115/800:  It would have been nice to do 10 more and even it off at 1125.
  • Dips: 1106/800:  Just 4 more to make it 1110.
  • Push-ups: 4040/800:  I will do another 200 tomorrow – outside the gym.
  • Swiss Ball Crunches: 5510/800:  I may take the Swiss Ball out of the basement, clean it off and do another couple of hundred crunches.  A mere 90 will give me 7 times the goal of 800.
  • Chin-ups: 695/400:  This is the one that hurts.  5 more and I would have been able to claim 700. Damn.

Tomorrow morning is my BNI meeting.  So no early morning gym.  The question is:  Can I find a little time to get in a workout tomorrow – maybe lunch time – really only need 15 minutes – will not even work up a sweat.   It will take me more time to change than to workout.   Hmmmmmm.

Saturday night is a Dinner Dance with an open Bar and lots of food – most of which will be other than Low Carb.  The timing could not be better.  The 52DC is over – no reporting – Yippeeeee.