Today is the final posting of numbers.  The day you let the world know where you stand and how you did.  Here are my numbers:

My FINAL numbers for Friday, February 25, 2011, Day 52 (100%):

CE: 104/104/94 (110.64%) Rock
RT: 25/20 (125%) Rock
CT: 20/20 (100%) Rock

PG1 (40-4-40): 42/40 (105%) Rock

3600 Challenge: 3600/3600 – 13,015 (361.53%) Rock Rock

I pushed my self on these Body Weight exercises – it was worth the effort. They supported my regular RT workouts – which were HIAH Get Strong.

Hanging Leg Raises: 1150/800 (143.75%)
Dips: 1150/800 (143.75%)
Push-ups: 4200/800 (525%)
Swiss Ball Crunches: 5800/800 (725%)
Chin-ups: 715/400 (178.75%)

PG3: Post my 4 year anniversary Pictures. I’ve decided to take these on March 12th, my actual 4 year anniversary – they should be posted by the start of the next Challenge. Thumbs-Down

Not too shabby.

Went to the gym this morning – did Workout C – HIAH Get Strong Phase 3.  Tonight is a Dinner Dance for my BNI Chapter.  Should be fun.  Open Bar – and I don’t have to record my Clean Eats.  Yippeee.  I intend to have a Carb or Two – call it re-load – call it what ever you want – but this Carb Snob just has to find the carbs that are worth eating.