The 52DC ended on Friday.  I actually went to the gym on Friday to “round-up” some of my 3600 numbers – now that is a sickness.  They were over the top to begin with – why do I need to take them one step further?

Friday night, we had friends over for dinner.  My wife cooked – it was enjoyable.  We made our own Chicken Wings – actually drumettes.  Found a bag of frozen drumettes at the store – a lot better than the full mixed wings; easier to eat and more meat.  My wife seasoned them and stuck them in the oven until done.  Took them out, drained the pan and mixed up some of the Wing sauce with additional seasonings.  Put the chicken and the sauce in a plastic bag to mellow out while we had drinks and cheese.  An hour later, spread them out on a tray and broiled them until crisp on each side.  Served with a side of Frank’s Wing sauce.  Great – our guests loved them.  Except for a small sliver of the insides of a blueberry pie, it was a Clean Meal.

My wife – a Buffalo girl – wondered why Teresa’s name was not on the sauce.  It was Frank & Teresa’s Anchor Bar.  Ah yes – I remember it well.

Saturday I hit the gym for Workout C – HIAH Get Strong Phase 3.  Still had to do 40 plus minutes – silly.  I had the Plan B carbs pre workout but not post – since I had a bit of pie the night before. 

We had a big dinner event that night at Duke Ocean Grill. They have a large party room with a Dance floor. There was an open bar with a relatively full selection for the handful of big drinkers; a guy spinning records – at least the beat of the song was what you expected and some pathetic tray service. Really poor. Some cut up breaded fried chicken cutlets, some toast rounds with chopped tomatoes and Italian seasoning and small potato puffs – tasteless.

Dinner on the other hand was excellent. Salad – nothing special but ok – followed by Lobster and clams with melted butter – extra veggies no potatoes please. {No one knows what the hell Drawn Butter is.} Could not complain.

Dessert: A tray of cookies that tasted like saw dust surrounding some cut up chocolate cake pieces in a bowl of formed sugar lace. Did not eat the cookies – or the cake – ate the bowl.

Ah – but we danced – fast and furious and non stop.  So few people danced and it was such a large dance floor.  Good time – real good time – No question it was a countable CT.

I did have an extra drink or two – so – my wife drove home. I am not that stupid.

Sunday was a family day – no time to hit the gym. Had dinner out with friends at La Fontana – only because I had a $25.00 coupon.

Spent some time attempting to determine how to raise the next 52DC a notch or two.  Challenged Capt DHD to a Baseball MomSixGz style mini-challenge.  We soon realized that our paths to fitness varied too much to be able to challenge each other on a specific exercise or even a group of exercises. So we came up with the Insane 15,000.  Subject to further refinement, the goal is to do no less than 15,000 repetitions of all the exercises you do during the 52 days of the Challenge.  If you only workout 3 days a week – you had better be able to do 680 repetitions per day – and never miss a workout.  52/7 = 7.43 weeks x 3 workouts per week = 22 workouts.  15,000/22 = 680+/- repetitions per workout.  Obviously the winner of this side challenge is the person who gets closest to this number – or – beyond it. 

My average HIAH workout is 60 reps x 20 workouts = 1200 per challenge.  My 3600 will have to be 13,800.  This last Challenge I hit 13,000 with super effort – and that number included some of the HIAH exercises that overlapped – which I can not count anymore.

Now that I look at the math – I do believe that it is aptly named.

ETA: Thanks Winemann.