Last evening a strange thing occurred.  I had dinner with TJAK, wcmMatt and RegalDozer from the 52DC Challenge.  We met at the original Carmine’s on Broadway and 90th St in NYC.  We were joined at the end of the meal by VABeachGirl.  Our Virtual and Real worlds collided appropriately over what most refer to as a Cheat Meal.  I refuse to use the word Cheat – it was a Carb Re-Load meal.

This restaurant serves family style.  The dishes are actually sufficient for several people.  We had fried calamari as an appetizer followed by a chicken dish and a veal dish.  I let the others order.  The food was excellent.  I did chime in for dessert.  We went for the Tiramisu.  Large dish – 4 guys – I ate the most.  There was still some left over.

Interesting observation – none of us – well none of them – went over the top eating wise.  Can’t say the same about me.  I noticed that I went for seconds and thirds on the calamarie and the Tiramisu – while they restrained themselves – foolish of them.

It was an interesting evening.  Found out that none of us really had created a false persona on the forum.  I guess if someone had, they just would not have joined in the celebration.  I did learn that one of the guys went to the same undergraduate school as me and joined the same fraternity.  Obviously some 20-30 years later.  Small World.

This morning was HIAH Get Strong Phase 3 Workout B – the Unilateral One.   Damn – it was a good workout.  Was that because I have not been pushing myself since the 52DC ended and was well rested – or – was it because of the Tiramisu reloading all my glycogen stores.  No – I did not have a Plan B shake.  In fact – I only had the whey protein before the workout.  I did not even have it afterwards.

T’would be nice to have an actual gylcogen gage.

And a good time was had by all.